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Current Chairpersons

  • Vivian Faden, Ph.D.
  • Dale Hereld, Ph.D.


Current NIAAA Members

  • John Bowersox
  • Fred Donodeo, M.P.A.
  • Isabel...

The National Archives presents: The “Drunkometer” to Digital Apps: How Technology Changes the Way We Drink

Gary Wolf, Dr. George Koob, and Susan Cheever discuss the evolution of alcohol monitoring technology ....

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Section 1. Background information PDFPDF (460KB)

Section 2a. Alcohol consumption...

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Congressional Budget

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NIAAA’s major initiatives seek to address alcohol-related issues across the lifespan.
Our aim is to reduce the tremendous burden of illness resulting from the misuse of alcohol by:

  • Preventing children and adolescents from...