Biographical Summary

Dr. Colina-Prisco was born and grew up in Caracas, Venezuela. She received her B.S. and Ph.D. in Biology, with a major in Cell Biology from the Universidad Central de Venezuela. During her graduate program she worked jointly within the Venezuelan Institute for Scientific Research, where she discovered that L-glutamate activates the reverse mode of the sodium/calcium exchanger from type-1 cerebellar astrocytes. Then, she went as Visiting Postdoctoral Fellow to the Institute of Neurobiology, University of Puerto Rico with Dr. Joshua Rosenthal, where she studied the functional implications of RNA editing of the squid sodium/potassium ATPase and ion channels. She moved to Bethesda and worked with Dr. Stephen Ikeda, were she revealed a previously unappreciated short-chain free fatty acid receptor 3 (FFAR3)-expressing subpopulation of sympathetic neurons. At present, she is interested in deciphering the neural and molecular mechanisms underlying chemosensation and metabolism at Dr. Joseph’s laboratory.

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