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December 2018

    Photo of bottles and glasses of drinks on a table

Tis the season to be mindful of your drinking

The holidays are here! And since drinking alcohol is a part of holiday festivities for many people, it is a good time to be mindful of how it can affect our celebrations and our health.  Read more>>


September 2018

    Image of a pregnant woman with her hand over her abdomen

Raising Awareness about Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders

Fetal alcohol spectrum disorders, also known as FASD, is a term that refers to the broad range of lifelong birth defects and neurodevelopmental abnormalities that occur as a result of prenatal alcohol exposure.  Read more>>


June 2018

View of a beach boardwalk and summer sky    

Alcohol and Summer - Think Before You Drink

For some people, summer activities involve drinking alcoholic beverages, so play it safe during the summer and be mindful of your alcohol consumption.  Read more>>


April 2018

Cover of the booklet Rethinking Drinking    

Learn About Alcohol Use Disorder and Ways to Get Help 

Alcohol Awareness Month is a good time to reflect on drinking patterns and the role that alcohol plays in our lives. Read more>>


October 2017

Looking for quality treatment?

NIAAA Alcohol Treatment Navigator: Pointing the Way to Quality Care

In any given year, more than 15 million adults in the US meet the diagnostic criteria for alcohol use disorder, but less than 10% of them receive treatment... What accounts for this alcohol “treatment gap?”  Read more>>