Biographical Summary

Pallavi Mannava joined CPN in August 2019. She graduated from Ohio State University with a Bachelor of Science in Neuroscience and a minor in Pharmacy. In her undergraduate career, she studied racial bias in the interview process, as well as novel interactions between host and virally encoded proteins to improve gammaretroviral based vectors for human gene-therapy. In CPN, Pallavi’s primary duties are implementing and executing CPN clinical protocols, which currently includes a Phase 1b clinical trial in a population with alcohol use disorder that falls within COVID-19 safety guidelines. Pallavi has helped facilitate the relocation of CPN to NIDA by designing and coordinating the development of a bar laboratory for alcohol cue reactivity and other alcohol cue-related paradigms. She is currently studying the relationship between thyroid hormones and alcohol use disorder as well as analyzing Timeline Followback data to elucidate patterns in drinking behaviors.