The NIAAA Extramural Advisory Board is a subcommittee of the Council composed of Council Members and ad hoc experts who review various areas of research in the alcohol field and make recommendation on research priorities for the institute to consider.

Recommendations of the NIAAA Extramural Advisory Board (EAB)

  • Alcohol and Cancer [ PDF-105 KB]
  • Alcohol Health Services Research [ PDF-13 KB]
  • Alcoholic Hepatitis [ PDF-141 KB]
  • Developing an NIAAA Plan for HIV-related Biomedical Research [ PDF-18 KB]
  • Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders Research [ PDF-10 KB]
  • Gene X Environment Interactions [ PDF-13 KB]
  • Gut-Liver-Brain Interactions in Alcohol-Induced Pathogenesis [ PDF-32.4 KB]
  • Health Communications Programs and Research [ PDF-49.9]
  • Mechanisms of Alcohol Action and Injury (MAAIT I) [ PDF-18 KB]
  • Mechanisms of Alcohol Addiction (MAAIT II) [ PDF-15 KB]
  • Mechanisms of Behavioral Change [ PDF-13 KB]
  • Medications Development  [ PDF-14 KB]
  • Stress and Relapse [ PDF-31 KB]


Epidemiology and Prevention Research (DEPR) Planning Document
(Report to the EAB, August 16-17, 2006)

  • EAB Recommendations [ PDF-13 KB]