Revised March 2018



NIH RePORTER Matchmaker Tool (March 2018) 

Ever wonder how to go about finding a Program Officer that best fits your area of research? Try the NIH's RePORTER Matchmaker tool to see a list of similar projects or program officials associated with these projects. These matches are based on the terms and concepts you provide in the search box:


Next Generation Researchers Initiative (June 2017) 

On June 8, 2017, NIH announced the Next Generation Researchers Initiative to enhance funding to early-stage and mid-career investigators and help stabilize and strengthen the biomedical research enterprise. This initiative shifts NIH's approach away from the Grant Support Index to more directly support early-stage and mid-career investigators. We will be developing FAQs and issuing updated policies in the near future. In the meantime, learn more through:

NIH Director's Statement: Launching the Next Generation Researchers Initiative to Strengthen the Biomedical Research Enterprise

Next Generation Researchers Initiative Web Page

Presentation to the Advisory Committee to the NIH Director