Division of Neuroscience and Behavior (DNB)

The Division of Neuroscience and Behavior (DNB) promotes research on ways in which neuronal and behavioral systems are influenced by genetic, developmental, and environmental factors in conjunction with alcohol exposure to engender alcohol use disorder.


Featured Funding Opportunities

Below are some of our current funding opportunity announcements. Before submitting your application, please reach out to the staff member listed under “Scientific/Research Contacts” of the announcement to learn more.


Frequently Asked Questions

• Does your research proposal align with the NIAAA mission?
Answer:  We advise you to contact a Program Director listed either below or on a particular Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) to discuss your research interest before preparing your application. This will not only help determine whether your proposal is of interest to NIAAA, but will aid in the preparation of your grant application. 
• Who should I contact within the division about my research proposal?
Answer: Below is a list of Program Directors and their areas of research interests. The best way to contact a Program Director whose interest aligns with your own is via email and a Program Director will contact you soon thereafter.
• What is the process for applying for funding?
Answer: When submitting a grant application to NIAAA, extramural researchers can find instructions in the Funding Opportunity Announcement to which they are applying. 
See the NIAAA application process homepage for information about grant applications, the peer review process, and understanding how applications are selected for funding.


Our Staff



Focus Area

Antonio B. Noronha, Ph.D.

Email: anoronha@mail.nih.gov




Director, Division Neuroscience & Behavior 

Mark D. Egli, PH.D.

Email: megli@mail.nih.gov



Deputy Division Director Deputy Division Director; Behavioral Neuroscience; Preclinical Medication Development; Pain

Mohammed Akbar, Ph.D.  

Email: akbarm@mail.nih.gov



Program Officer

Neuronal Signaling; Neuroendocrinology; Neurodegeneration; GPCR Signaling; Metabolism and Stress

Hemin Chin, Ph.D.

(301) 443-1282

Program Officer Human Genetics; Animal Genetic Models

Changhai Cui, Ph.D.

Email: Changhai.cui@nih.gov



Program Officer Molecular neuroscience; Signaling transduction; Neurocircuits; Neuromodulation; Neuroimmune Interactions; Neurotechnology

Ivana Grakalic, Ph.D.

Email: igrakalic@mail.nih.gov



Program Officer Learning & Memory; Aggression; Behavioral Control; Comorbidity and Polysubstance Use

Qi-Ying Liu, M.D., M.S.

Email: liuqiy@mail.nih.gov



Program Officer Cellular Neurobiology & Neurocircuitry; Synaptic Plasticity; Neuroadaptation; Neuromodulation

Dominique Lorang-Leins, Ph.D.

Email: lorangd@mail.nih.gov



Program Officer Molecular Neurobiology and Genetics; Animal Genetic Models; Genomics and Epigenetics

John A. Matochik, Ph.D.

Email: jmatochi@mail.nih.gov



Program Officer Neuroimaging; Computational Neuroscience; Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience; FAS/FASD

Abbas Parsian, Ph.D.

Email: parsiana@mail.nih.gov



Program Officer

Human Genetics & Genomics; Next Generation Sequencing; Genetic Networks; G x E

Jenica Patterson, Ph.D.

Email: jenica.patterson@nih.gov



Program Officer Behavior and Molecular Neuroscience; AUD Comorbidity; Stress and PTSD; Genetics and Epigenetics    

Elizabeth Powell, Ph.D.


(301) 443-0786

Program Officer Developmental Neurobiology; Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD)

Soundar Regunathan, Ph.D.

Email: regunathans@mail.nih.gov



Program Officer

Neurotoxicology; Pain; Brain Injury; Neurogenesis and Neurodevelopment

Benjamin Xu. Ph.D.

Email: Benxu1@mail.nih.gov


Program Officer

Cognitive Neuroscience; Functional Neuroimaging