Kathy Jung, Ph.D., Mark Egli, Ph.D., Gary Murray, Ph.D.

Reissuance of PAR 17 170 Alcohol Research Resource Awards (R24, Clinical Trial Not Allowed)


The purpose of the Resource-Related Research Projects (R24, clinical trial not allowed) grant mechanism is to support investigator-initiated research resource projects that will provide resources to other investigators who conduct biomedical research appropriate to the mission of NIAAA. A resource award provides funding for a non-hypothesis-driven activity to provide data, materials, tools, or services that are essential to making the most timely, high quality, and cost-efficient progress in a field. The resource should be available to any qualified investigator, and should be highly quality controlled, replenishable, and not duplicate resources available commercially or through other sources.


In the pursuit of alcohol-related research, resources with potential benefit for the broader alcohol research community are developed and shared with scientists at both the resource developer’s home institution and external institutions. While support for maintenance of these resources is often provided through a research project grant (R01) award or the resource core component of an alcohol research center (P50), situations may arise in which continued support of the resource through these mechanisms is not feasible. For example, demand for the resource by individuals from outside the home institution may exceed the capacity of support available through an R01 or P50 grant. As well, the developers of the resource may have a reduced need for the resource, while other investigators continue to benefit from the resource.

Resource Scope/Statement of Work:

The objective of this Program Announcement (PA) is to provide support of research resources that serve the alcohol research community. It is anticipated that the request for resource support through the research resource grant (R24) mechanism will occur on an infrequent basis and only in circumstances where other mechanisms of support from the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA) are not appropriate. Applicants must demonstrate an interest in the resource by outside investigators and applications for renewals must demonstrate a clear and continued need for the resources.


NIAAA will support applications to provide unique resources that can be utilized by the broader alcohol research community. The goal of the Alcohol Research Resource Cores is to eliminate redundancy in effort and expense across the alcohol field and speed progress.