NIAAA supports conferences, symposia and workshops focusing on alcohol-research related topics.  Conference grants using the R13/U13 mechanism must be submitted electronically in response to the active funding opportunity announcement (FOA).

Applicants must obtain from NIAAA permission to apply. First they must contact the NIAAA Conference Liaison Officer. In the cover letter, include the purpose and scientific rationale of the meeting, title of the conference, date and location, proposed budget, the audience being targeted and the number of attendees. Proposed budget must not be used for non-allowable expenses as stated in the FOA. It is highly recommended that the R13/U13 conference grants would support the travel needs of trainees, students and new investigators.

NIAAA will not consider Conference Grant applications that exceed $ 50,000 total cost in any given year. If the amount is over this level, prospective applicants are encouraged to contact the Program Officers or Division Directors before submitting the letter to the NIAAA Conference Liaison Officer.
The request, which must be received by the NIAAA Conference Liaison Officer eight (8) weeks before the next standard due date, will be reviewed by Senior Staff at NIAAA. A letter of approval or denial will be sent to the Principal Investigator (PI). If approved, the PI must attach this letter to the e-submission letter in the application.

Standard due dates (including AIDS deadline) for R13/U13 Conference grants are applied.

NIAAA may only accept R13/U13 grant applications two Council Cycles before the scheduled conference.

For additional information, interested individuals are encouraged to contact their Program Officers or the NIAAA Conference Liaison Officer listed below.

Dr. Beata Buzas
Telephone: 301 443 0800



Last reviewed: March 2017