Mission Statement:

The Information Technology Branch is a full-service organization dedicated to supporting the information and information technology needs of the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism. ITB provides end-to-end networking, teleconferencing, and cross-platform computer services. IT specialists within ITB design, develop, and implement custom scientific and administrative utilities, applications, and server components using a variety of applications. The group also selects, purchases, and configures computer systems used for research, clinical care, and administration, and maintains highly secure and available database and storage technologies for use across the Institute.

Jon Folkers

Jonathan Folkers, Chief
National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism
National Institutes of Health
5635 Fishers Lane, Room 3065
Bethesda  MD 20892-9412
telephone: +1 301.594.1293
e-mail: jfolkers@mail.nih.gov

Jonathan Folkers is the Chief Information Officer for the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism. Prior to coming to NIAAA, Jonathan worked in several information technology (IT) leadership positions at the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID). These included managing research support teams in NIAID's intramural and clinical divisions, coordinating international communication projects, and overseeing networking and enterprise storage.  He is proficient with Macintosh, Windows, and Unix systems, holds Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer credentials, and is certified in IT Project Management. Jonathan holds a Master of Health Science degree in Health Policy and Management from the Johns Hopkins University and a bachelor's degree in Sociology from Franklin and Marshall College.  Prior to his graduate studies, Jonathan worked at Princeton University Health Services, where he conducted research on alcohol-related risk behavior among college students.


Current ITB Staff: Group photo of members of ORIT
Angie Healy
IT Specialist
telephone: 301.443.4226






Denise Gates

Denise Gates-Nee
Computer Scientist
telephone: 240.533.5624


Denise Gates-Nee is a software developer working primarily with the institute's clinical information system and related application projects, coordinating with IT and scientific staff to meet data needs. Denise also updates the website for the laboratory of clinical and translational studies and assists in other computer-related tasks as needed.




Dee Beard
IT Specialist
telephone: 301.594.0531


Proficient in Windows and Mac OS-X environments. Provides intramural support for various institutes at 5625 Fishers including account, server and network administration, and security. Provides technical assistance for scientific equipment: HP Chemstation HPLC and GC, and REES/SQL. Coordinator for numerous local conferences, and seminars held at 5625 Fishers.




Eileen Klavan
Security Consultant






Govinsin Tetteh

Govinsin Tetteh
System Administrator








Ho Lam
IT Specialist


Ho Lam is responsible for desktop engineering, user support, network support, IT inventory management, IT security, hardware/software testing and deployment.






Juan Rivas

Juan Rivas
Desktop Support
telephone: 240.388.2986


Juan Rivas provides hardware, security and networking computer support for the laboratory through a contract with Kelly Services.  He also processes accounts, maintains lab servers, and assists with IT purchases.




Lindsay Z. Richards

Lindsay Zahra Richards
IT Specialist
telephone: 301.402.0514






Patty Bates

Patty Bates,
Information Systems Security Officer


Patty is responsible for NIAAA’s information security program, FISMA C&A management, privacy regulations, web application security, solutions research, information security project management, infrastructure design, vulnerability assessment and mitigation, change control, data classification, encryption technologies, incident monitoring and response, and contingency planning.




Tim Hedges
IT Specialist
telephone: 301.443.6535

Provides customer support by maintaining Information system software, and hardware as well as networking and user accounts, He also monitors and maintains information systems security and hardware encryption.

Toni Calzone

Toni Calzone
Computer Scientist
telephone: 240.422.9189






Thuy Van

Thuy Van
Computer Scientist
telephone: 301.443.1310


Thuy Van is an application developer. She is responsible for supporting research infrastructure of NIAAA. She collaborates with NIAAA investigators to develop bioinformatics applications and databases that can access, manage, disseminate, and analyze large quantities of high quality data. She develops, researches, and/or applies computational tools to assist NIAAA investigators in the acquisition and analysis of biological, medical, behavioral or health data, within a specific time frame determined to be appropriate by NIAAA.




Vijay Bhatia

Vijay Bhatia
Database Administrator
telephone: 301.443.7775


Vijay Bhatia is responsible for managing the Clinical, Assessment, Financial and Administrative Databases at NIAAA. This involves ensuring availability, security, backup and integrity of the data. In addition, Vijay manages the database resources including the Servers, where these databases reside. He also supports the data interfaces between NIAAA systems and NIH systems.




Elisa Moore
IT Specialist
telephone: 301.402.7936

Elisa Moore, Systems/Network Specialist and Robotics with LNG since 1993. She designed, installed and manages all LNG’s servers which includes a large number of DNA sequencers and dHPLC machines continually collecting data to the servers. She has also created and managed certain clinical phenotype/genotype databases. She now works on DNA robotics and other “front-end” aspects of high throughput genetic analysis. She is extremely facile in systems management, including hardware issues and programming, enabling management of terabytes of data flow from next-generation sequencing.





Mike Kerich

Mike Kerich is responsible for providing programming and technical support for the imaging research as well as backing up and maintaining several large servers for imaging data. He also provides desktop support for local users.





Selected Publications:

An Integrated Database for Managing Animal Study Proposals and Animal Inventory for the Small Animal Facility: Toni Calzone, BS, MBA, LATG, Karen S. Montijo, BS, MBA, LATG, Mark B. St. Claire, DVM, MS, Dipl. ACLAM, and Etienne Lamoreaux, BS. Lab Animal 2001;30, RESOURCE, 28-31.


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