Wenxing Zha, Ph.D.; Abbas Parsian, Ph.D.

Reissuance of PA-17-467(R01), PA-17-468(R03)


The purpose of this Notice of Special Interest (NOSI) is to solicit applications to support the secondary analyses of existing data sets with the goal of enhancing our understanding of the following:  1) the patterns and trajectories of alcohol consumption, and 2) the epidemiology and etiology, including genetics, of alcohol-related problems and disorders. This Notice encourages applications proposing innovative analyses of existing alcohol research data, answering novel research hypotheses and questions, and developing and testing advanced analytical methodologies applicable to alcohol related epidemiological,  behavioral and genetics research.


Epidemiologic, behavioral and genetics research projects typically generate data with potential utility beyond the specific hypotheses and questions that they were designed to address. In addition, the general progress of the field often uncovers new questions which could be, in part or in whole, addressed through the analysis of a data originally gathered from previous projects and for other purposes.  Furthermore, given the expense of original data collection and the relatively modest expense of secondary data analysis, making use of existing data to answer new and emerging questions is a sensible use of scientific resources. 

In addition to the wide range of existing data sources in the public domain, more and more data collected through NIH funded grants are becoming available to the research community. With the announcement of the NIAAA Data-Sharing Policy for Human Subjects Grants (NOT-AA-19-020) outlining the expectation that investigators submit human subject data to the NIAAA Data Archive (NIAAADA), data from NIAAA funded research since 2019 are also becoming available. Electronic health records collected by clinicians and hospitals are also suitable data sources for this Notice. Researchers are encouraged to review the following data resources, among others, prior to submitting an application:

Presentation Slides (PDF)