Postbaccalaureate IRTA

Brianna Brooks, B.A.

Biographical Summary

Brianna Brooks is a first-year Post-Bac fellow in the Section of Sensory Science and Metabolism (SenSMet). She is a recent graduate from the University of Pennsylvania, where she double majored in Biochemistry and Nutrition Science. Here in our lab, she enjoys the ability to work with a variety of clinical studies, as well as perform molecular experiments in the wet laboratory. She has grown significantly in her clinical skills, smoothly handles patient interactions, and efficiently conducts procedures in our clinical collaboration studies. In the lab, she is fascinated about learning new techniques to study taste and smell related genes and has undertaken a breadth of literature looking at dietary fat chemosenesation. Outside of the NIH, she partners with the College Bound program; she excited about tutoring students in the STEM field and encouraging them on their academic journeys. She is also passionate about helping young adults grow in their spiritual health, and mentors your individuals with Cornerstone Church. With an interest in biological mechanisms underlying metabolic processes, she will pursue both a PhD in Molecular Nutrition, and a Registered Dietician Certificate, to continue growing in her clinical/lab skillset. Ultimately, she hopes to study and develop therapeutic interventions for individuals struggling with the comorbidities of obesity.