The following are the NIAAA divisions that support extramural basic and clinical research:
Director: Dr. Ralph Hingson
The Division of Epidemiology and Prevention Research (DEPR) promotes and supports applied, translational, and methodological research on the epidemiology and prevention of hazardous alcohol consumption and related behaviors, alcohol use disorder, alcohol-related mortality and morbidity, and other alcohol-related problems and consequences.
Director: Dr. Kathy Jung
The Division of Metabolism and Health Effects (DMHE) develops scientific initiatives and supports basic and translational research on the health consequences of alcohol consumption and metabolism. 
Acting Director: Dr. Raye Z. Litten 
The Division of Medications Development (DMD) plans, stimulates, develops, and supports pharmacotherapy research to treat alcohol use disorder (AUD).   
Director: Dr. Antonio Noronha
The Division of Neuroscience and Behavior (DNB) promotes research on ways in which neuronal and behavioral systems are influenced by genetic, developmental, and environmental factors in conjunction with alcohol exposure to engender alcohol use disorder (AUD).
Acting Director: Dr. Raye Z. Litten
The Division of Treatment and Recovery Research (DTRR) stimulates and supports research to improve behavioral treatment for alcohol use disorder (AUD) and identify the organizational and financial factors that influence the adoption of evidence-based behavioral treatments into everyday practice settings.