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Strategic Plan: Fiscal Years 2024-2028

National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA)

Cross-Cutting Research Programs

Cross-cutting research programs are NIAAA-managed research portfolios that include topics spanning multiple research goals outlined in this strategic plan.

  • FASD Research Program
  • Alcohol and HIV Research Program

Research Goals

Supporting the Mission

Goal 1: Building a Robust Research Capacity

At the core of NIAAA’s efforts are cultivating a talented and diverse scientific and administrative workforce to advance research to the next frontier and maximizing NIAAA research resources and infrastructure to promote discovery.

Goal 2: Serving as a Responsible Steward of the Public’s Investment

NIAAA upholds the values of responsible stewardship, research integrity, and public trust. These values are reinforced by NIAAA’s commitment to optimal management and accountability, strategic collaboration, and communication of research results.

NIAAA Strategic Plan 2024-2028 cover page image

Download the NIAAA Strategic Plan, Fiscal Years 2024-2028

To download and review a full copy of the current NIAAA Strategic plan, click the link below.

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