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For questions about NIAAA resources, web links, meetings, student inquiries, or other general information, please submit inquiries to Ask NIAAA at, or call the NIAAA Communications and Public Liaison Branch at 301-443-3860.

NIAAA Webmaster

For technical assistance with NIAAA web pages, or to report broken links or other web-related issues, please contact the NIAAA Webmaster at, or call the NIAAA Communications and Public Liaison Branch at 301-443-3860.

Ordering Publications

To order NIAAA publications, view our online order form or call 888-MY-NIAAA (888-69-64222).

Media Inquiries

To arrange interviews with NIAAA scientists: reporters, television or radio producers, and other members of the media should  request assistance by contacting the NIAAA Press Office:


Telephone: 301-443-2857

Staff Directory

To contact a specific staff member within the NIAAA, you may search the NIH staff directory

Our Location

NIAAA has offices, laboratories, and clinical operations on the main National Institutes of Health campus in Bethesda, MD.
NIAAA also has offices and laboratories in Rockville, MD.
NIAAA sponsors research throughout the United States, including at the Institute’s Alcohol Research Centers.