Biographical Summary

Dr. Lisa Farinelli is the Deputy Chief of Management and Administration in the CPN laboratory. She comes to NIDA well prepared with 30 years of extensive clinical and management expertise having worked in both the private and public sectors. As the manager for Dr. Leggio and his laboratory with a PhD in Nursing, a Master of Business Administration and advanced certifications as a Certified Clinical Research Professional and an Officer of Health Care Compliance, she supervises the clinical and research activity and assumes responsibility for all regulatory compliance efforts toward the CPN mission conducting clinical inpatient and outpatient proof-of-concept human laboratory studies. She serves as a representative on all collaborations within the NIH as well as outside organizations. Dr. Farinelli also serves as a member of the NIH Intramural IRB. Her research interests include theories and principles of precision health in chronic mental health conditions. Dr. Farinelli was presented with the NIAAA Operational Excellence Award.