Post-Doctoral Fellow

Rosario Jaime-Lara, CRNP, Ph.D.

Biographical Summary

Dr. Rosario B. Jaime-Lara is a Clinical and Translational Postdoctoral Fellow in the Section of Sensory Science and Metabolism (SenSMet). Rosario received her Ph.D. in Nursing from the University of Pennsylvania in 2018 and her dissertation focused on nutritional neuroscience. In 2014, she obtained her training as a Family Nurse Practitioner and received her Master’s in Nursing from Columbia University. She received a bachelor’s degree in Nursing from Columbia University and a bachelor’s degree in Biology with an emphasis on neurobiology, physiology, and behavior from The University of California Davis. Her research has focused on studying the neurophysiology of eating behavior, including the neurophysiology of taste and smell, in the context of obesity and health. For Dr. Jaime-Lara's full bibliography, please visit ORCID.