The following information is for administrative supplement applications to be submitted in response to the NIH Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) Number PA-18-591Administrative Supplements to Existing NIH Grants and Cooperative Agreements (Parent Admin Supplement FOA).
Prior approval from NIAAA is required before submission of an Administrative Supplement Application. As soon as it is apparent that a grant may need additional funds, NIAAA recommends that the Principal Investigator (PI) contact the Program Official (PO) named on the parent grant Notice of Award to discuss the possible funding options available. If the PO deems that an Administrative Supplement may be considered, permission to submit an Administrative Supplement Application must be made to the NIAAA PO in writing by the grant recipient’s Authorized Organizational Representative (AOR) at least 6 weeks before the submission of the application. The NIAAA Office of Extramural Activities will send a written notification to the applicant approving submission of the administrative supplement application. Note that granting of permission to submit an administrative supplement application is not an assurance of funding.
NIAAA awards well-justified administrative supplements only when necessary to the successful conduct of a funded project and only if funds are available. Increased funding above study section-recommended levels or outside the fiscal year funding policies generally is for items resulting from events unanticipated when the parent application originally was submitted that cannot be paid for by re-budgeting funds or from utilization of unobligated balances from prior year awards and must not represent changes in the basic goals or intent of the project. 
Administrative supplement requests must be within the original Council-approved scope of the research. NIAAA will not consider supporting administrative supplements that will pay for a PI to move in a new scientific direction; obtain preliminary data for another contemplated research effort; use a new technology or an animal model not specified in the original application; or to accomplish new specific aims that are not part of the original Council-approved grant application.
NIAAA will not consider administrative supplement applications to support the parent conference grants (R13/U13). Grantees may consider submitting new or revision applications (PA-18-591,) if the goals of the supplement are to include new symposia, workshops and/or to participate in other scientific meetings that are not originally proposed in the funded grant. Exceptions may be considered for R13/U13 administrative supplement applications responding to specific NIH-issued funding opportunity announcements (excluding PA-18-648 (R13/U13 FOA,), and/or instances that will compromise the success of the parent conference grants. Examples are unexpected increases in costs due to natural disasters or extreme emergencies. For additional details, grantees may contact the Director of the Office of Extramural Activities, NIAAA at
If additional funds are needed for such purposes, the grant recipient must submit a revision application (competitive supplement) or apply for a new grant, which undergoes the peer review process.
NIAAA may fund administrative supplements to cover unanticipated costs of a project and may include the following examples:
  • Preservation of a unique research material or resource that may otherwise be lost, such as maintaining a unique knockout mouse model.
  • Addition of patients, populations, or other items related to a protocol due to enrollment issues, a need for statistically significant data, or responses to protocol and Data and Safety Monitoring Board (DSMB) reviews.
  • Provision for an orderly termination or temporary continuation of support to prevent loss of research resources or hardship of personnel, which includes taking advantage of a rare event with an immediate need, such as salvaging a rare animal model.
  • Replacement of equipment, supplies, and time lost due to a natural disaster or loss of equipment originally available to the project from other sources.
  • Increased cost of equipment and related services, e.g., data analysis, animal purchase and care costs.
  • Extension with funds. NIAAA may support administrative supplements made for the purpose of extending the period of support to assure orderly termination of a project or to support a project for a limited time pending a decision or action to continue or discontinue support (for example, when there is an IRG or Council deferral and support would terminate before completion of review).  Extensions of projects made for this purpose should be for short periods, not to exceed one (1) year. 
NIAAA may fund administrative extension of investigator-initiated clinical trial grants or cooperative agreements that may not be completed on time due to the following:
  • Difficulties in obtaining suitable study subject and/or agent
  • Difficulties meeting enrollment schedule
  • Difficulties obtaining assurances and certifications
  • Difficulties with access to suitable facilities
  • External hold ups at regulatory of funding agencies (not related to safety)
  • Litigation involving any of the above
  • Changes in public health policy or standards of care
Administrative supplements and extensions are evaluated by Program Staff for scientific merit. A Grants Management Officer reviews the appropriateness of the budget requests and ensures requests adhere to regulatory and all other requirements described in the NIH Grants Policy Statement
Administrative supplement requests that exceed $100,000 AND more than 25% of the direct costs of the active year of the parent grant will undergo a second level of review and recommendation of approval/disapproval by the National Advisory Council on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism and the Director, NIAAA.
THE PARENT GRANT MUST BE ACTIVE FOR AT LEAST ANOTHER 12 MONTHS AT THE TIME OF SUBMISSION. Exceptions may be granted after discussion with the Program Officer, Chief of the Grants Management Branch, and Director of the Office of Extramural Activities.
Non-compliant administrative supplement applications may be rejected.
Ms. Judy Fox
Chief, Grants Management Branch
Office of Extramural Activities, NIAAA
Dr. Abraham Bautista
Director, Office of Extramural Activities
Updated June 2018