NIAAA Spectrum is an online Webzine published by the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism. It features the latest news from the alcohol research field, infographics, and interviews with NIAAA staff and researchers from the field. The latest issue is now available. In this issue...

Drinking and the Liver: Seeking Better Treatments for Alcoholic Liver Disease
The liver is an impressive organ. Housed under the rib cage on the right side of the stomach, it performs hundreds of functions, from detoxifying the body of chemicals to metabolizing drugs, digesting foods, and making proteins important for blood clotting. Weighing in at three pounds, it is second in size only to the skin.  More...

NIH Holds Competition to Create Better Wearable Alcohol Biosensor
To promote the development of a wearable, discreet device capable of measuring blood alcohol levels in real time, NIAAA has issued the Wearable Alcohol Biosensor Challenge. A wearable biosensor will aid researchers, clinicians, therapists, and individuals by providing more accurate data on how much an individual is drinking.  More...

News From the Field

Study Defines Brain and Behavioral Effects of Teen Binge Drinking
Research in mice shows that binge drinking during adolescence alters gene activity and brain development, leading to high anxiety and excessive drinking behaviors.


New NESARC Data Available
NIAAA’s fourth national epidemiologic survey is now complete and available for use by researchers.

Dr. George Koob Speaks at Congressional Briefing on Alcohol and Pregnancy
Dr. George Koob and other notables presented information on Alcohol and Pregnancy: An Overview of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders at a recent Congressional Briefing.

Dr. Sanjay Gupta Visits the NIAAA Bar Lab
CNN Chief Medical Correspondent and neurosurgeon, Dr. Sanjay Gupta, visited the NIAAA virtual bar lab.

NIAAA Chats With Students About Alcohol on Drug Facts Chat Day
NIAAA participated in the Drug Facts Chat Day, an annual live online chat hosted by the National Institute on Drug Abuse.


A Gut Reaction: The Gut-Liver-Brain Axis and Alcohol Use Disorder
Research suggests that the immune system's response in the gastrointestinal tract, liver, and brain may be linked to increased alcohol consumption.

5 Questions With ...
Peggy Murray, Ph.D.
Director, Global Alcohol Research Program, Office of the Director, NIAAA