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NIAAA Staff Profile


National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA)

Post Bac IRTA

Morgan Ford, B.S.

Biographical Summary

Morgan Ford joined the Clinical Neuroimaging Research Core in August of 2023. She earned her Bachelor of Science in Biology with a secondary concentration in Chemistry at Howard University the same year. During her undergraduate years, Morgan performed research at the Section on Neural Developmental Dynamics, National Institute of Child Health and Human Development. There, she focused on creating and refining a digital Cellular Potts model of the posterior Lateral Line primordium (PLLp) in zebrafish embryos to understand the broader complexities of early neurological development. This involved exploring the effects of changes in parameters, such as cell motility and adhesion, on the formation of neuromasts and migration of the PLLp. At CNIRC, she performs neuroimaging research studies pertaining to alcohol use disorder. After completing her fellowship at the NIH, Morgan looks forward to attending medical school with plans to become a psychiatrist with a specialization in forensic psychiatry.

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