Unit Director

Reza Momenan, Ph.D.

Focus Area

Clinical Research; Molecular Biology and Biochemistry

Biographical Summary

Dr. Momenan has been involved in neuroimaging research studies of alcohol use disorder for more than 25 years. He has been providing expertise and support to NIAAA Intramural program on a wide spectrum of experimental design and imaging studies. His main focus of research has been designing and developing experiments utilizing various MR modalities for study of motivation, impulsivity, and emotions as related to addiction. His current focus is in utilization of neuroimaging phenotypes to investigate gender differences and sub-types of alcohol use disorders. Dr. Momenan is also interested in the use of other human brain mapping approaches as well as innovative techniques such as those of real-time fMRI, machine learning algorithms to predict alcohol use disorders, treatment efficacy, and relapse. Dr. Momenan has recently embarked on expanding the Core’s capabilities by implementing psychophysiological experiments using other modalities such as fNIRS, EEG, and Eye Tracking.