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National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA)

Workshop on Reducing Alcohol-associated Liver Disease (ALD) Burden through Early Screening and Management in the General Population



April 17, 2024 - 8:00 AM to April 18, 2024 - 12:00 PM


A workshop sponsored by National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA)


    Conference Center, 6700B Rockledge Dr. Bethesda, MD 20892, with limited in-person attendance

    • For RSVP (recommended), please contact Joe Wang (
    • The workshop encourages a remote participation with a Zoom meeting viewing option (

      Rules for audience viewing the workshop through this Zoom link: 1) Please keep your microphone muted & video off; 2) Utilize the Chat feature if you have a question or comment. 3) The hosts will have full control of the features of the meeting.

    Program Information:


    WEDNESDAY, April 17, 2024

    8:00am-8:10am  OPENING AND WELCOME

    Organizing Committee:
    Vijay Shah, MD - Mayo Clinic (Chair)
    Joe Wang, PhD - NIAAA; Sumeet Asrani, MD - Baylor University Medical Center; Jessica Mellinger, MD - University of Michigan; Stacy Sterling DrPH - Kaiser Permanente; Svetlana Radaeva, PhD - NIAAA; Laura Kwako, PhD - NIAAA; and Kathy Jung, PhD - NIAAA

    Opening Remarks: George Koob, PhD - Director, NIAAA

      SESSION 1: INTRODUCTION Moderators: Vijay Shah, MD - Mayo Clinic, and Kathy Jung, PhD - NIAAA
    8:10am-8:20am  Scope of This Workshop and Its Major Objectives Kathy Jung, PhD - NIAAA
    8:20am-8:40am  ALD Burden Overview: Natural History, Clinical Presentations, Interventions and Limitation, and Burden Doug Simonetto, MD - Mayo Clinic
    8:40am-9:00am    Characteristics of Populations with Asymptomatic ALD Tiffany Wu, MD - Mayo Clinic
    9:00am-9:10am Clinician’s Perspective on Alcohol Use and ALD in Primary Care Jeff Zsohar, MD - Baylor University Medical Center
    9:10am-9:20am  Clinician’s Perspective on Alcohol Use and ALD in Addiction/Rehab Clinics Murtuza Ghadiali, MD - Kaiser Permanente
    9:20am-9:30am     Discussion and Recommendations  
    9:30am-9:40am Break  
      SESSION 2: ALCOHOL USE SCREENING AND INTERVENTION IN DIFFERENT SETTINGS Moderators: Stacy Sterling, DrPH - Kaiser Permanente, and Laura Kwako, PhD - NIAAA
    9:40am-10:10am Current Practice on Alcohol Use Screening/detection/diagnosis Kathy Bradley, MD, PhD - Kaiser Permanente
    10:10am-10:40am Brief Interventions in Different settings –Including Patients with ALD Anne Fernandez, MD - University of Michigan
    10:40am-11:00am Tele-health Brief Intervention (BI) in Liver Care Derek Satre, PhD - UC San Francisco
    11:00am-11:20am eHealth-based Intervention Tools, Cost Effectiveness, and Unmet Needs Allison Lin, MD - University of Michigan
    11:20am-11:40am Pulling It All Together: Unmet Needs, Gaps and Opportunities Jessica Mellinger, MD - University of Michigan
    11:40am-1:00pm  Lunch Break  
    1:00pm-1:25pm Current State Strategies for identification of At-Risk Individuals for ALD detection and progression in the US Brian Lee, MD-University of Southern California
    1:25pm-1:50pm   Global Efforts for Early Detection for ALD: Lessons from Europe and Asia Maja Thiele, MD/PhD - Odense University Hospital and University of Southern Denmark
    1:50pm-2:15pm Inclusivity in Healthcare: Tailored Approaches to ALD Screening in Diverse Rural and Underserved Communities Marina Serper, MD - University of Pennsylvania
    2:15pm-2:40pm Empowering Health through Integration (Looking into the future) Michael Lucey, MD - University of Wisconsin
    2:40pm-3:00pm Discussion and Recommendations  
    3:00pm-3:15pm Break  
      SESSION 4: INTEGRATION OF CARE DELIVERY Moderators: Jessica Mellinger, MD - University of Michigan, and Laura Kwako, PhD - NIAAA
    3:15pm-3:35pm A Social Economical Model for ALD prevention Sumeet Asrani MD - Baylor University Medical Center
    3:35pm-4:05pm  Tertiary Integrated Care Delivery for ALD and AUD: Unmet Needs, Barriers and Successful Models Andrea DiMartini, MD - University of Pittsburgh
    4:05pm-4:25pm Emerging and Potential Models for Integrated Care Delivery for Early ALD Detection and Intervention, Beneficial in the Future Victor Chen, MD - John Hopkins University
    4:25pm-4:55pm Unmet Needs, Resources and Partners, Including Financial Support Models for Integrated Care, Public Health Policy Lamia Haque, MD - Yale University
    4:55pm-5:15pm Discussion and Recommendations  


    THURSDAY, April 18, 2024

    8:00am-9:40am SESSION 5: BARRIERS AND SOLUTIONS FOR IMPLEMENTATION OF INTEGRATED CARE DELIVERY IN THE REAL WORLD  Moderators: Jessica Mellinger MD - University of Michigan, and Stacy Sterling, DrPH - Kaiser Permanente
    8:00am-8:20am KPNC Primary Care Implementation Experience Stacy Sterling, DrPH - Kaiser Permanente
    8:20am-8:40am  Real-world Implementation of Integrated Care for ALD: Lessons Learned Shreya Sengupta, MD - Cleveland Clinic 
    8:40am-9:00am  Patient Experiences with Emerging Telehealth Liver Care Delivery: A focus on vulnerable populations Mandana Khalili, MD - UC San Francisco 
    9:00am-9:20am  Focus on Special Populations – Women and Racial/Ethnic Minoritized Populations Justine Welsh, MD - Emory University
    9:20am-9:40am  Discussion and Recommendations  
    9:40am-9:50am    Break  
    9:50am-11:05am  SESSION 6: OUTCOME ASSESSMENT Moderators: Vijay Shah, MD - Mayo Clinic; and Joe Wang, PhD - NIAAA
    9:50am-10:10am What Is Success and How Do We Measure It? Anjani Pillai, MD - University of Chicago
    10:10am-10:30am Benchmarks/measures of Cost Effectiveness for a Prevention Model and/or Initiative, Short Term and Long Term, and Assessment  Jeremy Bray, PhD - UNC Greensboro
    10:30am-10:50am  Discussion and Recommendations  
    10:50am-11:50am CLOSING DISCUSSION Moderators: Vijay Shah, MD - Mayo Clinic; and Kathy Jung, PhD - NIAAA
    11:50am-12:00pm   CONCLUDING REMARKS Vijay Shah, MD - Mayo Clinic, and Patricia Powell, PhD - Deputy Director, NIAAA

    This meeting is open to the public. For RSVP (recommended), please contact Joe Wang (

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