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Overview of the Lab

The overarching mission of the lab is to understand the neural basis of cognitive and emotional regulation and how these critical mental processes are mediated by discrete neural circuits and moderated in function by genetic variation and environmental insults, including stress and alcohol.

Selected Publications


Bjorni M, Rovero NG, Yang ER, Holmes A, Halladay LR. (2020) Phasic signaling in the bed nucleus of the stria terminalis during fear learning predicts within- and across-session cued fear expression. Learning and Memory. bioRxiv.


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Piantadosi PT, Lieberman AG, Pickens CL, Bergstrom HC, Holmes, A. (2019) A novel multichoice touchscreen paradigm for assessing cognitive flexibility in mice. Learn. Mem. 26:24-30. PubMed

Jan 2019 Learning & Memory Cover

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 Alcohol cover

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Neurobiology of Learning and Memory-cover


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