Photo of Yu-Hong Lin

Yu-Hong Lin, Ph.D.
Staff Scientist
Telephone: +1 301.443.9031
Fax: +1 301.594.0035

Dr. Lin’s research focuses on understanding the effect of dietary fat on the metabolism of essential fatty acids in vivo and in vitro employing stable isotope tracer techniques coupled with gas chromatography/ mass spectrometry.  She examines both humans and animals with physiological and pathophysiological conditions such as alcohol, food and nicotine additions, etc.  She further studies these conditions by exploring the underlying molecular mechanism and the compartmental kinetic modeling analysis of essential fatty acid metabolism.  She also provides a range of research expertise, such as experimental design and method development for general and automatic high-throughput analytical chemistry, in efforts to support Dr. Hibbeln’s intramural research program. 

Dr. Lin joined the Section of Nutritional Neuroscience Laboratory of Membrane Biochemistry and Biophysics in 1999.  She has a doctorate in Nuclear Medicine, a masters in Neuropharmacology, and a bachelor’s degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences.

Major research projects:

  • Z01 AA000262-26 Desaturation of essential fatty acids using stable isotope gas chromatography/ mass spectrometry
  • 11-AA-0028   Dietary linoleic acid regulation of omega-3 HUFA metabolism in over weight women (PI: Christopher Ramsden, MD)



Selected publications:

  1. Lin, Y.H., J.A. Hanson, S. Strandjord, N.M. Salem, M.D. Haub, and J.R. Hibbeln.  Fast transmethylation of total lipids in dried blood by microwave irradiation and its application to a population study. 2014.  Lipids 49(8): 839-51
  2. Yavin, E., Y.H. Lin, A. Brand, and Salem N Jr.  Metabolic conversion of intra-amniotically-injected deuterium-labeled essential fatty acids by fetal rats following maternal n-3 fatty acid deficiency. 2014.  Biochim Biophys Acta. 1841(9): 1336-44
  3. Lin, Y.H., N. Salem Jr, E.M. Wells, W.Y. Zhou, J.D. Loewke, J.A. Brown, W.E.M. Lands, L.R. Goldman, and  J.R. Hibbeln.  Application of high-throughput fatty acid analysis and automation data process in a large epidemiological study.  2012.  Lipids 47:527-39
  4. Lin, Y.H., S. Shah and N. Salem, Jr.  Altered essential fatty acid metabolism and composition in rat liver, plasma, heart and brain with microalgal DHA addition to the diet. 2011. J Nutr Biochem 22:758-65
  5. Lin, Y.H., A.R. Llanos, P. Mena, R. Uauy, N. Salem, Jr, R.J. Pawlosky. DHA conversion from deuterated LNA or carbon-13 labeled EPA in term neonate with plasma compartmental kinetic analysis.  2010. Am J Clin Nutr 92:284-93




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