NIAAA Strategic Plan 2017 - 20121





Associated NIAAA Strategic Plans:

The Division of Epidemiology and Prevention Research, an extramural division of NIAAA, established a strategic plan to emphasize its research goals and priorities for 2006-2010.


  • Health Disparities Strategic Plan

NIAAA’s Health Disparities Initiative researches the unique causes and consequences of why some racial and ethnic groups, as well as rural and economically disadvantaged populations experience the negative consequences of alcohol more severely compared with other minority and non-minority groups. 


  • NIAAA Strategic Plan for HIV/AIDS and Alcohol Research 

Each year, NIAAA develops a strategic plan for research on alcohol and HIV/AIDS. It includes identifying and analyzing trends among people with HIV/AIDS who are also alcohol using, abusing and dependent, understanding the role of microbicides and other therapies, and conducting prevention and treatment research in targeted populations across the lifespan.   


NIAAA participates on the Planning Group for the Trans-NIH Plan for HIV-Related Research, an initiative of the Office of AIDS Research.  This Plan reflects the changes in the state of the science in HIV/AIDS research and provides a roadmap for HIV/AIDS research throughout NIH.




NIAAA Strategic Plan FY09-14

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Last reviewed:  November 2017