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National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA)

NIAAA COVID F and K extensions


This webpage provides guidance about no-cost extensions, with or without funds, to NIH Pathway to Independence Awards (K99/R00) and Ruth L. Kirschstein National Research Service Award (NRSA) Individual Fellowships.

No-cost Extensions for K99/R00 Awards

As per NOT-OD-16-092, a no-cost extension may be allowed should additional time be needed to complete the goals of the K99 phase. No-cost extensions for K99 awards, however, are not automatic and require prior approval by the NIH. All terms and conditions of the K99/R00 award (including minimum effort requirements) remain in effect when the grant is in a no-cost extension. In requesting a no-cost extension, K99 awardees wishing to continue to seek a tenure-track or equivalent position should submit a plan for continued career development and a timely transition to an independent position.

COVID-19 Pandemic Effects on K99/R00 Funding

NIH allows for flexibilities to applicants and recipients of federal financial assistance who have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic as described in NOT-OD-20-086. For frequently asked questions, click COVID-19 Flexibilities for Applicants and Recipients FAQs.
For more information about K99 extensions related to the pandemic, grantees are encouraged to visit the NIH Training & Education FAQ webpage.
K99/R00 recipients may extend awards affected by the COVID-19 pandemic through a notification to the funding Institute or Center (IC). For awards where such an extension impacts research progress, the IC may consider providing support to help address any impact on the NIH-funded research. NIH is providing maximum flexibility and will accept these requests from recipients affected by COVID-19. Individuals and mentors should contact the funding IC in writing to provide details on the delays related to COVID-19. Extensions may be provided and administrative supplements are at the discretion of the funding IC.

Extensions of NRSA and/or Fellowship Awards Affected by the COVID-19 Pandemic

For fellowship recipients, ICs may approve exceptions to the limits on aggregate Kirschstein-NRSA support (see Grants Policy Statement 11.2.6) for recipients affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. As detailed in the Grants Policy Statement, the awarding IC may approve these requests, which must be submitted in writing by the Authorized Organization Representative of the sponsoring institution. The request must outline the effects of COVID-19 and must specify the amount of additional support for which approval is sought.
Recipients of NRSA fellowship awards may submit extension requests to the funding IC for consideration when the effects of COVID-19 have altered the planned course of the research training. Extension requests must include a description of how COVID-19 affected the fellowship award, and clearly outline how much additional time is needed. All such requests must be signed by the fellow, the Authorized Organization Representative, and the fellowship sponsor. For more Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about COVID-19 related delays in research progress and other FAQs about COVID-19 Flexibilities, please visit

Extensions for Early Career Scientists (Mentored K)

NIH issued NOT-OD-21-052 “Reminder – Requesting Extensions for Early Career Scientists Whose Career Trajectories Have Been Significantly Impacted by COVID-19”. In addition to the above activity codes (F & K99), NIAAA may consider applications from mentored-K (K01, K08, K23, K25) recipients.
For non-COVID related supplements and extensions, please visit the NIAAA Administrative Supplement Kiosk.

Need More Information?

More details on how to submit administrative supplements or extension requests to NIAAA are described in NIAAA Administrative Supplements SOP.
Grantees are encouraged to contact the NIAAA Grants Management Officer ( or the NIAAA Office of Extramural Activities (
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