• Manages the animal care and use program of the Institute.

  • Supervises the overall program of laboratory animal housing, care, and management to ensure compliance with the ILAR Guide;
  • Manages a preventive medicine program for disease control;
  • Advises the research staff on all aspects of the use of animals in experiments, including experimental design, surgical and pre- and post-operative care, and experimental techniques;

  • Supports the IACUC by reviewing Animal Study Proposals, conducting ongoing program review, monitoring Institute participation in the animal exposure program and required training, compiling required reports, and maintaining records of animal usage;

  • Facilitates animal acquisition for use on IACUC approved protocols; and
  • Participates on committees supporting the NIH intramural program of animal care and use.


Name Title E-Mail Phone
Raouf Kechrid, DVM, Ph.D. Acting Director, Facility Veterinarian Raouf.Kechrid@nih.gov 301-435-6533
Heidi L. Graninger Animal Resources Program Administrator Heidi.Graninger@nih.gov 301-443-2081
Angela N. Szwec, BS, MS, CPIA Animal Care and Use Committee Administrator Angela.Szwec@nih.gov 301-443-3881