Dr. David Goldman

David Goldman M.D., Chief
National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism

National Institutes of Health
5625 Fishers Lane, Room 3S-32:MSC 9412
Bethesda  MD 20892-9412
telephone: +1 301.443.0059
fax: +1 301.480.2839

Serves as the Laboratory Chief of the Laboratory of Neurogenetics, NIAAA


Mission Statement:

  • Integrates the planning and execution of neurogenetic research relevant to alcoholism risk, coordinating human and animal investigations with studies on candidate gene structure and expression and with development of methods for polymorphism typing and direct gene analysis;
  • conducts medically-oriented neurogenetic studies, including the creation and maintenance of repositories for DNA and data; and
  • uses mathematical tools to define patterns of genetic transmission, genetic linkage and quantitative genetic effects.

Current Staff:

Image of Regina Jackson

Regina Jackson, contractor, joined LNG in 2007. She is a Senior Executive Administrative Assistant.

Christie Cunningham-Charles
Christie Cunningham-Charles joined NIAAA in 2016 as an Administrative Officer working in the Administrative Services Branch.



Updated: August 2016