NIAAA offers funding through the Omnibus Solicitation program announcement, as well as targeted Funding Opportunity Announcements (FOAs) and several resources for additional technical assistance, commercialization R&D support, and training programs. Standard due dates are April 5, September 5, and January 5 or the next business day.

Omnibus Solicitation

PHS 2022-2 Omnibus Solicitation

  • SBIR (PA-22-177) (R43/R44 Clinical Trial Required)
  • STTR (PA-22-179) (R41/R42 Clinical Trial Required)
  • SBIR (PA-22-176) (R43/R42 Clinical Trial Not Allowed)
  • STTR (PA-22-178) (R41/R42 Clinical Trial Not Allowed)
  • Standard due dates apply

Omnibus Solicitation Funding Information

Targeted Solicitations

Investigational New Drug (IND)-enabling and Early-Stage Development of Medications to Treat Alcohol Use Disorder and Alcohol-Associated Organ Damage (U43/U44)

Small businesses that are developing a therapeutic agent and have robust background data in basic science and early discovery are invited to apply for targeted funding to transition to preclinical and clinical phases of development.

  • SBIR (PAR-22-102) (U43/U44 Clinical Trial Optional)
  • STTR (PAR-22-103) (UT1/UT2 Clinical Trial Optional)
  • Next due date: Dec. 4, 2022

Blueprint Medtech: Small Business Translator (U44)

NIH Blueprint Medtech supports innovators creating cutting-edge medical devices to diagnose or treat disorders of the nervous system through non-dilutive funds and additional developmental support including consulting, translational services and testing resources, and industry guidance.

Commercialization Support

Commercialization Readiness Pilot (CRP)

Funding and technical assistance to help develop regulatory strategy and prepare for submission for U.S. Food and Drug Administration and other agencies, as well as other support for key studies, compliance activities, and other research to advance to commercialization.

  • SBIR/STTR Commercialization Readiness Pilot (CRP) Program Technical Assistance and Late-Stage Development - Clinical Trial Not Allowed (PAR-20-129)
  • SBIR/STTR Commercialization Readiness Pilot (CRP) Program Technical Assistance - Clinical Trial Not Allowed (PAR-20-128)
  • SBIR/STTR Commercialization Readiness Pilot (CRP) Program Technical Assistance and Late-Stage Development - Clinical Trial Required (PAR-20-130)
  • Standard due dates apply

Innovation Corps (I-CorpsTM) at NIH Program for NIH and CDC Translational Research
An intensive 8-week entrepreneurial training course for active Phase I SBIR and STTR awardees.

  • Phase I SBIR and STTR Admin Supplement - Clinical Trial Not Allowed (PAR-22-073)
    Apply through NIH ASSIST
  • The next deadline is November 15, 2022 at 5:00 p.m. local time

Administrative Supplements

Administrative Diversity Supplements

Diversity supplements provide funding to current awardees to increase the diversity of their research and entrepreneurial workforce through recruitment and support of students, post doctorates fellows, and eligible investigators from underrepresented minority groups in health-related research or in the SBIR and STTR programs.

  • SBIR/STTR (PA-21-345)
  • Applications are accepted on a rolling basis

The parent grant must have at least 6 months remaining at the time of supplement application. NIAAA does not award diversity supplements to grants in a no-cost extension. Interested candidates should contact the NIAAA SBIR/STTR Program Coordinator prior to submitting an application.

Technical and Business Assessment

The NIH Technical and Business Assistance (TABA) administrative supplement helps small businesses make better technical decisions, solve technical problems, minimize technical risks, and develop and commercialize new products and processes. For more information, view NOT–OD–21–062.

All applicants can request additional funding for technical and business services, such as access to technologies or support on product sales, intellectual property protections, market research, and planning. Requests should be made within the application under “F. Other Direct Costs, lines 8-10” and labeled “Technical and Business Assistance” on the budget.

  • Phase I has a cap of $6,500 per year
  • Phase II has a cap of $50,000 for the life of the project

If you already have an active Phase I SBIR or STTR award and have not been awarded TABA funding, your company may be eligible to apply for a TABA Needs Assessment Report. This program provides a free, third party, unbiased assessment of your project’s progress in four technical and business areas that are critical to success in the competitive healthcare marketplace. TABA Needs Assessment Report requests are considered on a monthly basis to ensure that companies receive timely guidance. Learn more about the program and submit your request to participate today.

For eligible Phase II awardees, NIH is also offering TABA Consulting Services (TABA CS), a new program that provides up to $50,000 of consulting services focused on intellectual property strategy, market analysis, regulatory affairs strategy, and reimbursement strategy.