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NIAAA Director's Blog

National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA)

Director's Blog

Want to Reduce Stigma? Choose Your Words Wisely

 |   We can help alleviate the stigma associated with alcohol-related conditions by consistently using non-pejorative, non-stigmatizing, person-first language to describe these concerns and the people who are affected by them. Keep in mind that some words that are commonly used in society, such as “alcoholic” and “alcohol abuse,” can be stigmatizing.

Director's Blog

Statement on Racial Equity and Inclusion in Biomedical Research - and the NIH UNITE Program

 |   Issues of racial equity and inclusion weigh heavily on me as I contemplate the future of alcohol research. While NIAAA has been and is committed to addressing issues of racial equity and inclusion at all levels, these concerns, even though sincere and long-standing, ring hollow if they are not supported by action – bold, proactive, and committed action to ending racial inequities across the biomedical research enterprise. And let us be clear that our circumstances require transformative changes in our biomedical research ecosystem.

Director's Blog

Statement on Inequities in the Research Community and in America

 |   I feel compelled to address what we’ve seen and heard in the news regarding racism, police brutality, and injustice against African Americans in our country. I am outraged, horrified, and disillusioned—and I suspect most of you are, too. The effects are pervasive and touch all aspects of society. In addition, the COVID-19 pandemic has shown a bright light on the adverse impact of health inequities on African-American communities.

Director's Blog

Alcohol poses different challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic

 |   The COVID-19 pandemic is affecting every family across the country and will likely have a long-lasting impact on public health and well-being. Alcohol misuse is already a public health concern in the United States, with dramatic increases in emergency department visits and alcohol-related deaths observed in recent years. Alcohol has the potential to further complicate the COVID-19 pandemic in multiple ways.

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