Office of the Director

George F. Koob, Director

Patricia Powell, Deputy Director, Associate Director for Scientific Initiatives

Vicki Buckley, Executive Officer, Associate Director for Administration

Kenneth Warren, Senior Advisor to the NIAAA Director


Office of Extramural Activities

Abraham Bautista, Director

  • Extramural Project Review Branch:  Ranga Srinivas  
  • Grants Management Branch:  Judy Fox


Office of Science Policy and Communications

Bridget Williams-Simmons, Acting Director

  • Communications and Public Liaison Branch:  Fred Donodeo
  • Science Policy Branch: Jennifer Hobin (Acting)


Office of Resource Management

Vicki Buckley, Director

  • Administrative Services Branch:  Bonnie Ellis
  • Ethics and Management Analysis Branch:  Amy Matush 
  • Financial Management Branch:  Judit O’Connor
  • Information Technology Branch:  Jonathan Folkers


Division of Intramural Clinical and Biological Research

George Kunos, Director


Division of Epidemiology and Prevention Research

Ralph Hingson, Director
     • Epidemiology and Biometry Branch: S.P. Chou (Acting)


Division of Metabolism and Health Effects

Kathy Jung, Director

Division of Medications Development 

Raye Litten (Acting)


Division of Neuroscience and Behavior

Antonio Noronha, Director


Division of Treatment and Recovery Research

Raye Litten (Acting)





Updated: January 2018