Office of the Director

George F. Koob, Director
Patricia Powell, Deputy Director/Associate Director for Scientific Initiatives
Vicki Buckley, Executive Officer/Associate Director for Administration

Office of Extramural Activities
Abraham Bautista, Director

  • Extramural Project Review Branch:  Ranga Srinivas
  • Grants Management Branch:  Judy Fox

Office of Science Policy and Communication
Bridget Williams-Simmons, Director

  • Communications and Public Liaison Branch:  Fred Donodeo
  • Science Policy Branch: Bridget Williams-Simmons (Acting)

Office of Resource Management
Vicki Buckley, Director Executive Officer
Erin Manor, Deputy Executive Officer

  • Administrative Services Branch:  Karen Harrington
  • Ethics and Management Analysis Branch:  Amy Matush
  • Financial Management Branch:  Judit O’Connor
  • Information Technology Branch:  Jonathan Folkers


Division of Epidemiology and Prevention Research
Ralph Hingson, Director
     • Epidemiology and Biometry Branch: Aaron White

Division of Metabolism and Health Effects
M. Katherine Jung, Director

Division of Neuroscience and Behavior
Antonio Noronha, Director

Division of Treatment and Recovery
Raye Litten (Acting)

  • Treatment, Health Services and Recovery Branch: Raye Litten (Acting)
  • Medications Development Branch: Raye Litten (Acting)

Division of Intramural Clinical and Biological Research
George Kunos, Director


Updated: October 2021