Significant research efforts have focused on understanding brain mechanisms underlying alcohol dependence. However, relatively little attention has been given to the neuromechanisms leading to recovery from alcohol dependence. The purpose of this meeting is to provide fundamental insights on brain mechanisms that contribute to the recovery from alcohol dependence. Ultimately, it is to promote studies in understanding neurobiological mechanisms mediating recovery associated with the sustained alcohol abstinence. A panel of scientists from the alcohol and addiction research fields will be brought together to present their insights on fundamental brain mechanisms that may contribute to the recovery from alcohol dependence. The sessions will also encompass multilevel studies exploring mechanisms underlying relapse and craving associated with sustained alcohol abstinence. The panel discussion will identify priorities and research opportunities, and engender novel research ideas in this area.


Registration for the symposium is free but required due to limited seating. To register, please send an email to and provide your name, institution, and email address.


Changhai Cui, PhD
Mark Egli, PhD
John Matochik, PhD
Antonio Noronha, PhD, Director, DNB/NIAAA

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Antonio Noronha at