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National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA)


Section 1. Background information PDF 460 KB

Section 2a. Alcohol consumption PDF 182 KB

Section 2b. Alcohol experiences AUD PDF 281 KB

Section 2c. Treatment utilization alcohol PDF 98 KB

Section 2d. Family history alcohol PDF 140 KB

Section 2e. Background information II PDF 731 KB

Section 3a. Tobacco and nicotine use TUD PDF 493 KB

Section 3b. Medicine use PDF 223 KB

Section 3c. Medicine experiences DUD PDF 705 KB

Section 3d. Treatment utilization drug PDF 221 KB

Section 3e. Family history II drug PDF 100 KB

Section 4a. Low mood I MDE PDF 362 KB

Section 4b. Low mood II dysthymia PDF 198 KB

Section 4c. Family history III mood disorder PDF 83 KB

Section 5. High mood manic episode PDF 299 KB

Section 6. Anxiety panic disorder PDF 240 KB

Section 6a. Specific anxiety agoraphobia PDF 210 KB

Section 7. Social situations social anxiety PDF 219 KB

Section 8. Specific situations specific phobia PDF 199 KB

Section 9. General anxiety GAD PDF 226 KB

Section 10. Usual feelings and actions PDs PDF 214 KB

Section 11a. Behavior ASPD PDF 161 KB

Section 11b. Family history IV antisocial behavior PDF 79 KB

Section 12. Traumatic experiences PTSD PDF 308 KB

Section 13. Background information III PDF 154 KB

Section 14. Medical conditions and practices PDF 305 KB

Section 15a. Family history V anxiety disorder PDF 76 KB

Section 17. Low weight eating disorders PDF 137 KB

Section 18. Eating and overeating eating disorders PDF 212 KB

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