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The NIAAA is the lead agency for U.S. research on the causes, consequences, prevention and treatment of alcohol use disorder and alcohol-related problems.

National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA)

Clinical NeuroImaging Research Core (CNIRC)

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Contact Information

  • Office: (301)451-6972

Overview of the Lab

What we do

The Clinical NeuroImaging Research Core (CNIRC) serves two functions: Conducting independent addiction neuroimaging, neuropsychophysiological, and neuromodulation studies as well as providing expertise in these areas, through collaborations and support to clinical investigators.

Research interests include:

  • Investigate the neural correlates of cognition, emotions, decision making, motivation, impulsive and compulsive behaviors, and their association with alcohol use disorder (AUD).
  • Neurocircuitries associated with stages of alcohol use and misuse.
  • Examine the dynamic relationship between brain structure and function and alcohol use disorders.
  • Utilize imaging phenotypes to establish efficacy of experimental treatments and therapies.
  • Utilize imaging biomarkers to determine treatment choice and predict treatment outcome and relapse.
  • Utilize novel approaches to further refine alcohol use disorder subtypes and their treatments by combining imaging phenotypes and psychophysiological data.
  • Employ novel neuromodulation approaches such as real time EEG and fMRI neurofeedback and TMS in altering neural activities associated with AUD and relevant comorbidities.

Clinical collaborations and support include:

  • Enhance imaging capabilities
  • Prototype paradigms and methodologies
  • Assist PI’s in protocol development with imaging components, including, for example advice on practicality, power analysis, etc.
  • Conduct imaging components of the studies including:
  • Implement imaging paradigms
  • Supervise/conduct scanning sessions
  • Perform image processing
  • Perform imaging analyses
  • Present imaging results
  • Develop and provide imaging informatics
  • Standardize and track imaging data
  • Provide imaging study database
  • Provide recommendations to the OSD and OCD in prioritization and advance planning of the studies involving neuroimaging.
  • Provide Intramural and NIH Clinical Elective Program trainings in imaging
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Clinical Protocol

14-AA-0066 Behavioral and Functional MRI Task Development, Implementation, and Testing

In this study we develop tasks and pilot experiments which may lead our scientists to develop hypothesis driven research in understanding alcohol use disorder and its treatment.

14-AA-0080 Characterization Imaging Instruments in Alcoholics and Non-Alcoholics

This study focuses on assessing the neurocircuitry and neural correlates of alcohol use disorder via multi magnetic resonance imaging modalities.

18-AA-0098 Investigating a Response Modulation Hypothesis of Socioemotional Processing Associated with Alcohol Use Disorder

The goal of this study is to pilot the potential application of real-time magnetic resonance functional neurofeedback in controlling alcohol craving in patients with alcohol use disorder.

20-AA-0057 The Effect of Acute Alcohol Intoxication on Neural Processes during Decisions to Engage in HIV Risk Behaviors

The purpose of this study is to assess the behavioral and neural changes in risky decision making and impulsivity due to acute alcohol intoxication.

001644-AA Temporally-Resolved Electrophysiology of Acamprosate Treatment of Alcohol Use Disorder

This study focuses on electrophysiological mechanism and changes by which a 21-day medication (acamprosate) treatment will influence alcohol use disorder in an inpatient setting. These changes associated with various frequency bands may affect, amongst others, anxiety, insomnia, and alcohol craving.

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Selected Publications


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